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Shafiqul Islam: Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Water shafiqul.islam@tufts.edu
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Linda M. Abriola: Dean, School of Engineering linda.abriola@tufts.edu
http://engineering.tufts.edu/cee/people/abriola/ 617-627-3237
Engineering for Sustainability has five main research areas all focused on reducing fossil fuel emissions and/or generating energy from renewable sources. Current research is focused on increasing the accuracy of climate change models, developing effective methods for cleaning up watersheds and working to develop sustainable infrastructure.
project goals
The six main research areas include tracking nanopollution, remote sensing, climate change, and water resources,  photovoltaics, wind turbines, sustainable energy and  fuel cells.   The research teams use a combination of experiments and computational modeling to develop a better understanding of the impact of engineering decisions.
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http://engineering.tufts.edu/cee/reason/ water and environmental research, education and solutions network
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