Stanford University

Atmosphere/Energy Civil and Environmental Engineering

Mark Z. Jacobson professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Department of Energy Resources Engineering. Director of Atmosphere/Energy program.
Atmosphere/ Engineering is an interdisciplinary degree linking atmospheric and energy sciences with energy engineering.  Climate change is very closely related to the energy technologies.   Joining the disciplines allows for students to understand the cause and work towards creating change.
project goals
The goal of the program is to educate the students and the public on climate, energy and pollution and to develop methods for reducing impact through renewable energy sources.  The goal of the interdisciplinary program is to better prepare students to effectively participate in a dynamic and complex workforce.
undergraduate, graduate, PhD
1. Developed a new subprogram in civil engineering.     2. Global Climate & Energy Project: conducting innovative research on energy technologies with lower green house gas admissions.  The research is done in collaboration with private industries an research institutions such as  ExxonMobile, General Electric, Schlumberger an Toyota.  The research is mainly spearheaded by PhD students and graduate and undergraduates are included in the research teams.  Multiple research projects are in progress simultaneously.        3. Stanford Solar and Wind Energy Project:  dedicated to promoting & developing solar and wind energy on Stanford’s campus.  It was started by a group of graduate students in 2006-7 academic year.
A degrees in Atmosphere/Energy started in the 2004-5 academic year for graduate; began in 2007-8 for undergraduate.
In a short time period  the program expanded from graduate level degree to a undergraduate level degree.  The program is expanding and the content of the program is unique in American institutes of higher education.
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