Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Department Technology Dynamics & Sustainable Development.

contacts Ir. G. de Werk  coordinator of the graduation specialization of Technology in Sustainable Development. Phone #: +31 (0)15 27 87196
Karel F. Mulder Focus points: Steering technological development towards sustainability. Department: Technology Dynamics & Sustainable Development.  phone #: +31 (0)15 27 81043
Mariette Overschie, Industrial Design Engineering, Design for Sustainability. Docent for Boatweek. phone #    +31 (0)15 27 85505
At a minimum, introduce basic knowledge of sustainable development
into the individual disciplines of engineering.
project goals
To developed  a systematic way and structure for integrating sustainability into a broad range of technology courses.
level undergraduate, graduate
1. Introduction Course: Technology in Sustainable development.
2.Concepts of sustainability integrated throughout the course load.
3. Develop a track to specialize in Sustainable Development. Each engineering discipline tailored to the specific considerations
4. Immersion Course: 1 week boat trip. A required course for students seeking to specialize in sustainable development.  Students begin to understand the importance of discussion and how their area of specialization relates to other disciplines.
5. Professor Outreach:  Individual Interaction Method. A transition method developed at DUT to help find links between faculty’s area of research and SD educational objective.  This method has had the greatest success because it uses respectful methods of communication and dialogue to foster change.
Planning began in the early 1990’s and has been in progress since it that time. The method used and tested at Delft have served as models for other international universities.
Legitimacy: lectures understand the importance and urgency of embedding ESD
Commitment in university management:  university support is important to the success of implementing ESD
Responsibility spread throughout organization: not an isolated group, but rather a dispersed network
Skilled Teachers: are their teachers experienced with ESD?
Effective Structure of Organization:   the university structure can adapt and aid in creating changes the curriculum.
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